Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid,
So we pre order "Still Fighting the War" last April from Amazon £10.24 and get a case and CD. If we had waited we could have downloaded with an extra track for £7.80 or we could have downloaded from I Tunes and gotten 2 extra tracks.
Hardly fair do you think, still as long as someones making money it don`t matter who.
Each time you have been over in the UK my wife and I have always been at you shows, when you came over to Maidstone, having never even heard of you we came and have been fans ever since. When things are done like this to fans then sometimes fans will not travel as far as they do at present.
Graham & Gillian Cresswell.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 06/22/2013

Sorry to hear you feel swindled. With several distributors, physical and digital, in several countries, each with its own policies and promotional offerings, there are literally hundreds of combinations of ways to buy the album worldwide. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. We appreciate that you stepped up and pre-ordered early on, before other options were rolled out. You got free shipping and a disc you can bring to a gig to get signed. UK fans who ordered from got their disc a few weeks early but had to pay $10 shipping. Bonus tracks were included in pre-order album downloads (which can't be signed!) from Amazon and iTunes, and are now available individually from those retailers. I hope you enjoy the CD and feel good about supporting independently produced music in this new age of almost unlimited options.

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