Slaid Cleaves

Ok, I heard Still Fighting the War on KHYI Radio here in Dallas as I was on my way to catch a red eye flight to Denver. I got on YouTube and bought the album at the airport while waiting on the flight and LOVE IT! I just got on your website and bought all of your other albums. I actually got into a conversation with a Catholic Priest in Vale about Voice of Midnight and am sending him the Fighting the War album as well. His Parish is in New Jersey, so he is probably going to need it. Anyway, no real question here, except to say thanks for some really great music. I am an architect (studied in Austin back in the late 70's), a lawyer and a musician (guitar, banjo and pedal steel) Jerry Garcia is my old hero and you are my new hero. Keep up the good work and let me hear from you one day. Love to buy you a beer and hang out if that would ever be possible.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 08/03/2013

Wow, Jerry Garcia. Big shoes to fill. thanks, man.

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