Slaid Cleaves

I would love your advice, if you know, who will be playing in and around Austin the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov.3. It looks like you may be touring in California? You would be our first choice. We also love Eliza Gylkerson. We saw you in the hill country several years ago, in Wemberly. You were playing outside (with Jeff Blankenship I think) and we all sat around a fire pit. Your wife was there and your dog sang. That night I asked you who you would go see that weekend and you sent us to Gruen Hall for the Ray Wiley Hubbard Birthday bash. OMG, that was so much fun. I am going down to Austin with a group of women friends and I am in charge of music, so I thought I would go to the source.
My husband and I are long time fans, since the album Broke Down was released. We have seen you in many venues all over this country, including Kerry NC right after 9/11.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 08/23/2013

That was a fun night in Wimberley. Glad you got to see Old Ray Wylie. I have no idea what's going on that far out. but you can try me again early that week.

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