Slaid Cleaves

Slaid, This is just as big a WOW and as big a Thank You as these digital words can hold. Your show last Friday Sept 6th, 2013, at the me and thee in Marblehead, MA was just TERRIFIC! I am so drawn in to your songs. Your song writing is top notch. With every song there is a line that takes my breath away. I especially love "Every sunrise and set/
Every little chord I can fret/Is just a little dimmer/A glimmer, without her." My heart pounds a little faster just typing those words. Thanks, Slaid. Your music makes my world a better place. Ciao, Tony Toledo, me and thee coffee house volunteer.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 09/09/2013

Hey Tony, Thanks for putting in the work that makes Me & Thee a great place to play!

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