Slaid Cleaves

Dear Slaid, I saw you at the Hitchin Folk Club and was struck by the thoughtful words in your songs. One in particular moved me to tears, (a bit embarrassing as a stoic Brit, in a room full of people with the lights on!) It is a song about new years day and the hope that the new year will be better than the last. I assume it is the song New Year's Day, from the album Sorrow and Smoke, but I could not hear enough of it on your website to be sure.

Thank you for a lovely evening. You painted such vivid pictures with your words that I felt like I visited Texas and Canada and came back, all in one evening. I thank Joe-Joe too, and Karen for matching up a visit to Hitchin. Thank you all. Jo

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/11/2013

Thanks for writing, Jo. I think the song you mention is One Good Year, which is on the Broke Down CD as well as the Sorrow & Smoke Live CD. Russell Crowe like that one, too:

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