Slaid Cleaves

Mp3 download question: Do you have a "preference" for where a customer downloads your new album (assuming it is from one of the paid sites)? The price is different here, at amazon, and iTunes, and more importantly, you get different songs (with bonus tracks) at the different places. My guess was that a larger portion of purchase price goes through the artist at their own website compared to amazon/iTunes, but I do also want to get all the songs! Advice appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff, Deerfield MA (PS - looking forward to more Western MA shows...missed the last one.)

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/29/2013

Correct - we keep a bigger cut of download purchases from Bonus tracks are available as exclusives to iTunes and Amazon to keep them interested, and to help make the music more widely available. We are planning on putting out a disc of all bonus tracks plus outtakes and demos eventually.

Advice? You could download the album at then go and get the individual bonus tracks from iTunes and Amazon (or wait for the eventual bonus disc release).


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