Slaid Cleaves

I've spent probably a good hour of my life now trying to figure out what drone boots are. You mention them in the song Black T-Shirt. I'd love some insight!

Slaid Cleaves responded on 11/20/2013

In my high school in southern Maine the two most prominent social groups were the Jocks and the Drones. Everyone knows who the jocks are; "drones" was the name given to the kids who partied at the local gravel pit, made hot rods in shop class and smoked in the bathroom. Part of their required attire, along with jeans and flannel shirts, was a good pair of "drone boots" - suede hiking boots with black Vibram soles which made wonderfully permanent marks on the polished tile floors of the school hallways. I believe they are banned now. I always assumed it was a New England term, but I've learned since recording the song that it seems to be unique to my little town.

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