Slaid Cleaves

I was at the Freight as well with my son (the rain be damned). We are both big fans of the late John Stewart, who many consider to be one of the Godfathers of Americana music. Our finding your music was a perfect transition after John’s passing, as you both tell such vivid American stories, and it is a privilege to hear them performed live. When you sang ‘Quick as Dreams’, I recalled one of John’s greatest songs, ‘Mother Country’, from his classic album California Bloodlines. It too is an amazing song about a man who rode a horse. I know you probably get lots of music suggestions, but you should really check this album out; it’s Americana’s Roots at its best. For several years, it was on Rolling Stone’s critics list of their top 200 albums. Anyway, thank you for your stories, and for taking those stories to the next generation. Rich & Sean

Slaid Cleaves responded on 11/26/2013

You are not the first to recommend Mr Stewart. I will check him out. Thanks.

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