Slaid Cleaves

I was driving into work up here on the west side of the DFW Messyplex and flipped over to 95.9 The Ranch just as the first few chords of Texas Love Song began to fly over their (unfortunately) limited airwaves. It absolutely made my day. I hadn't heard you on the radio since the hay day of the great Jody Denberg-led KGSR. My questions are you think you could add at least one more DFW visit to your annual rotation and does it frustrate you that your greatness and those of your contemporaries is ignored on major radio or do you prefer to be under the radar and away from corporate evil doers? All the best to you and your lovely better 5/6ths Karen. - Vance Morton

Slaid Cleaves responded on 01/07/2014

Yes, we are trying to get a few more DFW dates booked for 2014. I miss old Jody on KGSR too. But here's the good news (to answer your second question):

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