Slaid Cleaves

Looking forward to your NC show in March - we've got some pretty good pork BBQ up here. It's not Rudy's.... but it works. I'm amazed how masters like yourself, Bruce, Woody, and Dylan can take the same 5 chords I've been playing for years and put them together (with your timeless lyrics) and come up with songs that are SO new, original, unique, and beautiful. I can't imagine how hard your slog has been over the last 25 years, but thanks for sticking with it. I hope some rewards are starting to come your way as it seems like you have some momentum building. Can you kinda picture Joe Strummer (RIP) bashing out "Still Fighting The War?" It kind of has that "Straight To Hell" vibe of being so sad because it's so true. Thanks for sharing you gift despite being ignored for so many years by any mainstream outlets (whatever those are in 2014). See ya' in Durham.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 01/25/2014

Thanks for the testimonial. It means a lot to be mentioned in the same sentence with those guys. I walked around for a couple of years saying, "The Clash is the only band that matters."

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