Slaid Cleaves

No Question my friend(s), only these words to Mr. Cleaves. I listen to music more than (maybe) most people in the world and love what you make. But more importantly to me, how much my 11 year old son loves your work more than anything! I am attempting to teach him (about music) and most importantly to make up his mind, not by what his friends are listening to (or whats cool), but by what effects him the most; and (for him) its you! He just finished his school powerpoint presentation on rock an roll, and he listed his love for Slaid Cleaves. Just a thank you for "doing what you do", having a significant influence and for teaching my angel son how important and powerful the real thing can be.
God bless, Eric

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/25/2014

Thanks, Eric. Glad to hear you are raising the next generation right.

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