Slaid Cleaves

Hello again, Slaid, thank you to be so listening to our questions. I have a new one for my book: would you please tell me again what you said about the day when you had to sing after Guy Clark, and something with Hank Williams (as I speak French, sometimes I understand the sense of what I hear, but not all the words). Thank you again!

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/13/2014

Around 1999, before I had much of an audience, I found myself at a festival in a songwriter's round with Danny Santos, Fred Eaglesmith and Guy Clark. I was seated on the far right, next to Guy. The round began on the left, and so I had about 15 minutes to figure out what song I would sing after the legendary Guy Clark and how to introduce it. I wanted to show my respect to Guy and I wanted to show the audience that I knew I was outmatched in having to follow this lion of Texas songwriters. So after Guy finished his song (which one? Who cares - it was a Guy Clark song) and the applause died down, I turned to Guy (who I'd never met before) and asked, "Guy, did you ever have to play a song right after Hank Williams?" He chuckled, "No." And I said, "Well, then you can't know how I feel right now." This pleased the audience, and then I played my eight-minute, epic workplace disaster song, Breakfast in Hell, complete with audience participation part. Guy gave me a solemn nod of approval.

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