Slaid Cleaves

I am from Germany and I heard your song "Just another kind of blue" in a German radio show. I like this song very much and I noted down the title and the singer. I would like to buy the song or the record but this does not sell in Germany. How can I get the song or the album from Germany?

Thank you.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/07/2014

Hi Susanne,

Thanks for taking the time to track me down. "Another Kind of Blue" was written by Peter Keane, a friend of mine from Austin, Texas. I recorded the song on a album called "Unsung," released in 2006 on Rounder Records. I believe the song is available to download from iTunes and Amazon worldwide. But if I am mistaken, you can order the physical CD from me at Unfortunately, it costs quite a bit to ship to Europe, so it will be expensive. Good luck, and thanks again!

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