Slaid Cleaves

I was momentarily (actually several minutes) discombobulated when I saw you were doing a gig in Grand Rapids with some connection to the Mississippi River. Dang, I said to my ownself, the Missisloppi (what my dad called it every time we crossed it in Memphis on our annual trek from Dallas back to Ohio every summer) don't come anywhere nears to Grand Rapids. Course I was thinkin' of Grand Rapids, MI, the home of one of our greatest presidents ever, Gerald R. Ford. Me being an unabashed card-carrying liberal, you wouldn't think I'd hold Ford in high regards, but I do. He was a decent man, unlike some of the ones who followed. He meant well and he never had any designs on the highest office. Fate it was. I'll never forgive him for pardoning Milhous (nasty, vile scum sucking Nixon) but shit happens. Anyways, I finally figured out that the Grand Rapids referred to herein is in Minnesota, yet another state I actually lived in but way before my memory kicked in. Oh well out of space. have fun

Slaid Cleaves responded on 06/20/2014

Whip Inflation Now!

That's what I remember of Gerald Ford. But, yes. All seem to agree he was a decent chap.

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