Slaid Cleaves

Slaid- you are a musical magician! You are so genuine, dedicated to your craft, down to earth, talented etc etc. We saw you at Passim, it was amazing!!! That Gospel song was incredible. I'd never heard it before and you conveyed it to every person in the audience! I wrote you a real letter (pen and paper and all!!!) today but now I have this! Easier! You were chatting so generously with us after the show and you mentioned a town below Flagstaff, ME which would be nice to stop in if we go to see Flagstaff. Anyways, if it came to you we would love to check it out on our way back from Quebec, we may even stay overnight! If you didn't think of it no worries! Thank you so much! You are the most talented singer songwriter I have ever heard. JB

Slaid Cleaves responded on 08/02/2014

You are so kind. That was a fun show in Cambridge indeed. Skowhegan is the town I was trying to think of. You can read more about Flagstaff here:

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