Slaid Cleaves

Hi - about 8 years ago I surprised my husband by taking him to Portland to see you preform with Rod Picott - it was the first time I had the pleasure of listening to your music in person - my husband has been a fan of yours for years before he & I had met. He took his son to Washington DC (graduation trip 3 yrs ago?) they saw a flyer the afternoon before their flight home - they were so excited when the flight was cancelled they couldn't think of a better way to spend their last night in DC then listening to you preform. My husband has mentioned a few times how great of an honor it would be to have you preform for one of the annual craw fish boils he throws in June (his birthday month) We live in the Boise Idaho area - we look often to see if you have any shows here - we may just have to fly to Austin in November . Hope to hear from you, Tonnie & Dave Bruner

Slaid Cleaves responded on 09/09/2014

Hey, thanks for writing. I'd love to see Boise someday, but the logistics never seem to work out. Hope to see you in Austin.

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