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I listened to your song "Still Fighting the War" and really enjoyed it and it hit home. I am a retired USAF Chaplain (Col) who served in Kuwait, Djibouti and was the senior Chaplain at the Dover Port Mortuary for two years - working with the mortuary team and doing Dignified Transfers. Out of that experience, my brother and I put a song together called "Just Tell Me". The title was taken from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" as he kneels in the cemetery and wonders if his life has been worthy of the sacrifice that was paid for him.

We think you could do wonders with this song. If you would be interested, listen to it here:

There is another that would go great with his style:

It is about a soldier who came home from the war physically but not mentally. It is his cry-out to have those around him help "bring him back home".

We hope you enjoy them.

Don (

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/01/2014

Thanks, Don. I can't imagine how challenging your work in Dover must have been. Here's to the healing power of music. -Slaid

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