Slaid Cleaves

Slaid, my wife and 2 sons ages 24 and 26 (and his wife) attended your concert at Poor David's Pub last weekend and we all really loved it! I was the guy who requested Green Mountains and Me, which actually brought yet another tear to my eye! We all really loved the whole show so very much, you have such a great gift! OK, here are my questions, what kind of guitar do you play and what kind of strings and amplification? We have a small music studio and play together as a family and I really like your sound. Second, when will you be playing with a full band, or do you ever tour that way? I think it would be a neat juxtaposition to compare the full depth of a band with the intimacy of your show at Poor David's. Finally, tell me about the dog in your picture...he looks like a good puppy...what's his name, breed and age? OK, that should keep you busy, have a great week!

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/08/2014

Thanks for taking the time to write. Glad you had a good time at Poor David's. 1) 1965 Gibson J-50 with Martin SP medium strings, amplified by AT831 condenser mic and I-beam pick-up mixed through a Raven Labs 2-channel DI. 2) I haven't played with a full band for years. Not likely in the future (not economical). 3) That's Huddie: 1995 - 2011.

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