Slaid Cleaves

Re: i just ordered 2 mp3 downloads with paypal. how do I retrieve the albums.
I did not notice the download link when I placed the order. I did notice that the confirmation e-mail was shown as my old e-mail account that has been deleted at paypal. My primary account has been changed now. How do I go about getting another receipt sent? Should I contact paypal, or can you direct mail the link to my current primary acct. Transaction #99635578GX123901F, shows on my paypal activity. I apologize for my mistake in not catching this sooner. Thank You, have a great day, and make it special.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/23/2014

Sorry you're having trouble. Best bet is to ask PayPal for the receipt (which should have download code on it) now that you've updated your email address. If that doesn't work please contact Karen:

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