Slaid Cleaves

Mr. Cleaves, I want to thank you for the song "Still Fighting The War". It's very moving and very true to what my husband and our fellow vets have gone through. Did you serve by chance? Thanks again and keep on keepin on! (Not really a question but still!) - Sara E. Ret. Army SGT.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 11/12/2014

Thanks for getting in touch, Sara. I've never served in the military and don't have any close friends or family serving. So when I decided to tackle such an important and heavy subject, I was concerned about getting the details right on that song. I read stories on line. And this photo essay really helped: Also, my co-writer Ron Coy had recently lost a good buddy, who'd been "still fighting the war" since returning home from Viet Nam. His name was Brian Fuller. It means the world to me to hear that the song resonates with those who've put their lives on the line. Thanks again.

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