Slaid Cleaves

My first introduction to your music was on he Loft while playing Breakfast in Hell. It caught my attention when you mention the Musquash River. This is a fifteen minute boat ride from our cottage on Georgian Bay and we often boat and fish at the mouth of the river. Listen to more of the album there are several towns you mention which are the same name as many in Ontario, Canada and actually thought you might be Canadian. I also thought the Horshoe was our beloved Horshoe in Toronto but unfortunately not.
Love the music, I know you hit Buffalo but unfortunately timing has been bad.
Love to see you up here in Canada, even better at the Horshoe Tavern, Toronto. Nothing to be scared of! LOL.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 11/18/2014

I made a lot of Canadian songwriters mad with that one (mad that they didn't write it first) - a great piece of local lore. I played the Horseshoe Tavern many moons ago. Might make it back someday . . .

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