Slaid Cleaves

wow. . . you are a true artist.. . . thank you for being my new happy place of the new year. . . .a friend shared "still fightin' the war' with me on new years day and i just bought 5 cd's of yours and have been on u tube listening to you at the coffee house ever since. . .waiting for them to arrive . . . i am in heaven listening to your words and voice and reading about you and karin. i am a texas girl who has been in colorado for 30 years. . . please come see us here. . but i will try to see you in texas and oklahoma when i am home.
sincerely thank you . . . . i am deeply touched by your music.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 01/06/2015

Thanks, Diane! What a nice note. And thank your friend for me, too!

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