Slaid Cleaves

My son and I attended your show last night at the cactus cafe - my second (first in San diego, CA) and his first. He's an ST. Ed's student and was in a rush to get to his best friend's birthday party after the show (we were the first ones out the door behind you and Jojo) so I didn't get to ask why your tour won't be making it down to San Diego? Thanks again to you, Karen and Jojo for a really great evening. Missed 'oh Roberta' but haven't felt so happy and blessed at a concert since your last one in SD.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 01/17/2015

Glad you could join us last night at The Cactus Cafe. Our promoter in San Diego has retired, so we no longer have a home in SD. We'll try to break new ground next time we're on the west coast.

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