Slaid Cleaves

Hey, Slaid old Buddy!

A bunch of us big fans are coming to hear you in Seattle next week. Really pumped!
Are you gonna do Flowered Dresses? I got a son and a daughter who could kill that fiddle break you had on the version "For Brenda" on You Tube. Would you be interested in them walkin' on? [for my son, Jacob, you can check out "Hey Marseilles." Daughter is even better. And, while you are at it, if you're going to do "Drinkin" Days," I could do the harmony parts, subtly, such that I guarantee you would be satisfied. Just askin' . . .
Anyway, either way, LOOKING FORWARD to it!


Rick Anderson

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/08/2015

Hi Rick,

I will put Flowered Dresses on the set list for you. As far as walk-ons: thanks, but that's just something we don't do. I checked out Hey Marseilles, though - very nice.

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