Slaid Cleaves

I wrote you a few month back when I heard broke down on KPIG! I bought two tickets to the show, my wife couldn't go so I took my 17 year old son who is a guitar player. Pretty eclectic musical the break he says " Let's go get some CDs" and after I asked him what he thought and he said " It was dope". So now Slaid after all these years you are now "Dope" and that's a good thing!

I am now covering Broke down at our house, played it for the kids this morning at breakfast. They usually hate when I sing as I am lazy and never really learn the whole song well I learned Broke down and the kids begrudgingly tell me the like it. I'm going to get my 17 year old to learn it - great song!!

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/05/2015

Hey Peter, Sounds like you are one "dope" dad. Thanks for spreading the word to the next gen.

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