Slaid Cleaves

Hallo mr Slaid,
Me and my friend follow you for many years and have seen you perform on many occasions.
We live in Holland, sadly not on your scedule, but fortunately UK is.
A few years ago we went on a London trip to see you there and we plan to do the same in may this year. You'd play in the slaughtered lamb on may 23th, but that concert is not on the website of the slaughtered lamb, so we cannot order tickets and might go on a london trip, not seeing you play. Which would be a shame! Can you tell us where things gone wrong?
We want 3 tickets, if you can do reservations yourself?
Regards and hope to see you soon.
Jan Putting

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/17/2015

Hi Jan,
I'm glad you got in touch. We will be posting ticket links for The Slaughtered Lamb shows in the coming week. So please check back on our website soon, and you should be able to buy tickets, no problem. Thanks!

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