Slaid Cleaves

No ?. Just wanted say I was researching a tune you had written and came across the song about some one who dies at 29. It struck home as my husband died in Beirut Lebanon at age 29, in 1983. It meant something to me even though the song is about something a little different. I am still bowled over that he did die at 29 and it was such a waste. Then I listened to the song for the Vets and I guess you would say I am now a fan. I am also a Vet. I will buy some of your music when I have some room on my iPod. I am in the process of editing now. I know that at times I am told how something I did effected someone in a nice way. Wanted to do the same for you. Thanks.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/26/2015

Hey Linda. There sure is plenty of sadness for song material out there. Thanks for letting me know that we connected through song. - SC

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