Slaid Cleaves

I am a 100% PTSD Disabled USMC Viet Nam Vet. I don't see anything in your bio about you serving. It sure sounds like you did from your song Still Fighting. Thank you for that song. My wife Janet and I will be seeing you 7 May in Natick MA. at TECAN. Please sing the song it would mean a lot to me. Scott

PS: Biggest Bruce fan ever. We have seen him a number of times thru the years. Our fav's 1974 and 76

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/05/2015

Hey Scott, Thanks for writing. It's my job as a songwriter to tell YOUR story, not mine. It means the world to me that my song rang true to you, the one who lived it. I worked hard on that one to get it right. Thanks for letting me know. See you in Natick! -Slaid

PS: Only got to see Bruce once, at The Garden in Decemeber 1980. I was 16. Drove through a snowstorm.

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