Slaid Cleaves

Not a question, but an appreciation. I am a big fan of singer songwriters and consume a lot of music - both live and recorded. I greatly appreciate folks like you who are willing to spend vast portions of their lives traveling around to bring us great live music. It's a sacrifice I (and many others) greatly benefit from. There are plenty of ways you could be making more money, but you're doing this instead. I greatly appreciate it. I consider you - and others - an under appreciated national treasure. One that has greatly enriched my life.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/19/2015

That's awfully kind of you. I appreciate it. I would quibble with one of your statements, though: There is really only one way (for me or anyone like me) to make money enough to live on, and that's going out on the road to play shows. It's always been this way, too. You think Buddy Holly wanted to be in Iowa in February? No, he had to go out on the road to pay some bills. Not complaining! It's the life I always wanted.

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