Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid,

I tried to contact Karen directly, but I can't see her email, and I don't have Outlook on my computer, so please pass this on to her. I would love to know what your requirements are for a house concert. We have a small house, but my friends will pack in and I do have friends with bigger houses if need be. I'm virtually sure that I could guarantee 50 or more people but I don't know what makes it workable and worth it for you all. She can email me at

I don't know how long you'll be in the East this time around and if we could squeeze something in or if we would wait until next year's tour, but I would love to make it happen.

I hope she is feeling a lot better.

You're long time fan,

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/02/2015

Hi Llana::

You can contact me at:


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