Slaid Cleaves

Hey Slaid! Looking forward to seeing you in May in Maine. I'd like to revisit a question posted 4 years ago regarding vinyl. Not just hipsters anymore. It's made a big comeback and many artists are releasing on it. I would humbly suggest a limited release of your next album on vinyl. Even if it were 100 copies offered autographed on your website. I would be blown away if they didn't sell. Mike

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/03/2016

Appreciate your enthusiasm, Mike. I checked a pressing site on line. If I were to release my double live record Sorrow & Smoke with artwork it would cost me about $4500 for the minimum order of 300 (plus shipping). That's $15/unit cost, minimum. Packaging and postage from the web site would add $5, minimum. My cost could be as high as $20 per album. Plus it's a lotta work, and I got songs to write!

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