Slaid Cleaves

Isee that you will be in lake Charles on 7/23/16 and in BR on 7/24/16 (Love Red Draggon Seiries). But more importantly, it means you will be passing through Lafayette on Sat. afternoon. Any chance you would be down to take a break and maybe have a jam session with some of these awesome Cajuns that "Will keep pickin all night long? I have loved your music for years. I first heard you at Chetham Street warehouse. I spent many a nights (and many a days) listening to awesome singer/songwriters and musicians. I miss watching musicians play together for the first time & collaborate or just jam out with old &/or new friends. Lafayette has a ton of Amazing musical talent. I would love to hear some of my favs from home come jam out with some of my favs here (esp since so many of them sing about Louisiana). These Cajuns are a music loving people. If you're down, I'll even plan the whole thing. And feed you (and whoever you are rolling with) some good homemade Cajun food. Pretty please?

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/20/2016

If this were a more leisurely tour we might take you up on a Lafayette stop, but, as you can see from our schedule, we don't have much down time that week. Sure sounds fun, though. Thanks for the invite.

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