Slaid Cleaves

Another "non-question", just a thank-you for the amazing show last night! My husband surprised me with a getaway weekend, not telling which of my favorite artists I would get to experience. Over dinner prior to your show, I peppered him with questions to figure out the surprise. My various guesses included Case, Buddy Miller, N. Young, Hiat,...until I got to your name. When I hit it right, I nearly jumped out of my chair in joy in the midst of a quiet, romantic restaurant! You and Scrappy were above amazing, wonderful, inspiring. Thank-you Slaid. You are a gifted artist. There is none other like you.
Your final song was heart wrenching. Such a tragic time here in the states and around the globe. So many loved ones left in such grief over the murders of the victims. As a christian, I want to apologize for the horrendous words thrown in by fools who claim Jesus as their God. I am so very sorry for the added grief they have forced on the shoulders of the grieving. Love, cindy

Slaid Cleaves responded on 07/10/2016

What a sweet story, Cindy. I'm a lucky guy to have such appreciative and thoughtful fans. Thanks so much for taking the time to write!

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