Slaid Cleaves

I need your help. My boyfriend has his 51st birthday on Wednesday. We live in Asheville. I tried getting tickets to your concert but by the time I saw it your show was sold out. He feels like your music was made for him and I would really like to take him.

We did see your show last year in Decatur GA at Eddies Attic. We enjoyed it so very much.

I know I am asking for a huge favor. But I know it would make the very best birthday for him. If there is anyway we can get tickets, I will certainly pay for them! I forgot that part. I'm not asking for free tickets!! Please let me know. Thank you.

(Even if we don't get tickets, we love your music so very much.)

Slaid Cleaves responded on 07/25/2016

Hi Lori:

Can you e-mail me (Karen):


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