Slaid Cleaves

My best friend recently lost the love of her life. Below is a portion of what she read at his memorial service.

Thank you for the honor and privilege to talk with you today about Alex. I would like to tell you about one good year. Slaid Cleaves, a musician he liked has a song that says, "Just give me one good year, to get my feet back on the ground, I've been chasing grace and grace ain't so easily found."

You found it bear. This year. Almost one good year. Sleep well, Xander.

I can't fit the entirety of her words in this question box,

Kelly and some friends will be attending your show in Northampton on 8/13. I know it would mean the world to her, and to Alex's spirit, if you would play "One Good Year" at the show.

Thank you so much.

Ashley Lamm

Slaid Cleaves responded on 08/12/2016

Will do. With honor. One Good Year is usually the last song of the show.

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