Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid!

My girlfriend and I were at your show last night at Fitzgerald's. It was fantastic. It's nice to know that real songsters are still our there writing songs that tell great stories.

I had a question. You sang a song last night in which one of the lines reads something like this:

I don't need to read the papers or the tea leaves....
This world has been shaved by a drunken barber's hand

Could you please tell me the name of that song? We want to learn it.

Thanks and good luck on the road!

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/09/2016

Thanks so much. Thrilled that Drunken Barber's Hand made an impression. We just started playing it. It'll be on the new record out spring 2017. (My co-writing buddy Rod Picott recorded an early version last year. It's up on iTunes.)

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