Slaid Cleaves

Hey, how goes it? We saw you in Portland way back when (sent you drinks at the restaurant, requested "Breakfast In Hell" and chatted with you a bit) and I just wanted to let you know I still think about that concert and how great it was, wonderful to see you perform live after listening to you for years, you have a warm presence. I hope you come back out to Oregon again, we'll be there if you do. All the best to you & Karen for cheery holidays!
I give all your tunes "thumbs up" on Pandora! - Lydia Bosley, Logsden, Oregon

Slaid Cleaves responded on 12/08/2016

Thanks Lydia, for taking the time to get in touch. It's all a blur when we get home to Texas, so it's nice to know that all that running around meant something to someone. Happy holidays to you and yours.


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