Slaid Cleaves

Mr Cleaves, I am a longtime fan and I have seen you perform at the Blue Door in OkC. I have several of your albums, in fact one of my first albums on CD was The Promise back in 98'. I know because my father had it on cassette and he got the cd for me when it was released, my senior year. My question to you is who was the female performer that opened for you at the blue door back in 2013? I bought a few of her albums for my wife and we have since lost her cd's when we moved. She was very found of them, but she can't recall her name either. hope you can help, my email is

Slaid Cleaves responded on 12/12/2016

Culley Evetts, what a cool name. Thanks for taking the time to write. It's a little embarrassing that The Promise is still out there. I hadn't figured much out when I made my first recording. Sorry I can't help you on the Blue Door opener: we don't have any record or recollection of an opener at the Blue Door over the past few years. Maybe she opened for someone else?


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