Slaid Cleaves

Slaid! Dang it! This a.m. I saw an email with your names in the "from" column and subject "coming to Austin?" or something like that. The email disappeared before I got to read it! please send again - thanks! - Lydia -

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/11/2017

The loved/hated week is upon us. Slaid Cleaves has a bunch of Texas shows coming up, in and out of the SXSW madness:

Wed 3/15 9am (central) live on air with "Coach" on Wimberley Valley Radio 14:00 GMT

Wed 3/15 1:30pm Opa Coffee & Wine Bar Austin

Thu 3/16 7:30pm Susanna's Kitchen Wimberley

Fri 3/17 noon Lucy's Fried Chicken Austin

Fri 3/17 8pm Poor David's Pub Dallas

Sat 3/18 2pm (central) El Mercado Backstage Austin Broadcast live on 19:00 GMT

Not in Texas? We might be coming your way. LOTS of shows going up on site this month.

And new release news coming soon, too. Stay tuned!

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