Slaid Cleaves

I have a favor to ask and I couldn't think of a better songwriter--- so I'll try and beg. I've been filling books with so many lyrics that I desperately need a more experienced musicians help. My music room has all I could need but someone 2 take a chance with me. I've been heartbroken beyond pain, brushed my tears with laughter and nodded knowingly without an answer.
I have a particular need to thank bits of bliss and curse the unlucky times that I watch with close attention. Please give me the honor to share and possibly encourage a bit of interest!?I also am florist in San Marvelous

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/20/2017


I'm honored, but I don't see what I can do to help. I would suggest you search for people in your community (actual or online) for fellow lyric writers in order to join (or create) a club of like-minded folks. If you don't yet play an instrument - pick up a guitar and learn - it's good for your brain! Or go to open mics to get to know up and coming musicians in your area, and find one or more that you can work with. Good luck, persist,

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