Slaid Cleaves

We loved, loved, loved your show in Gardiner last night! David wanted to suggest a song idea, because he has been trying to think of who could write a song about the sinking of El Faro that would stand up to the likes of Gordon Lightfoot's wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, or Jimmy Dean's song of Big John. After listening to you do Breakfast in Hell, he thinks you are the man.

Thanks for the great show; the last song was a great way to close a perfect night.
Aimee and David

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/07/2017

Well, thanks so much. We enjoyed ourselves in Gardiner as well. I've always wanted to have a good nautical song in my quiver. If you have any personal info on the El Faro tragedy you'd like to share let me know. Slaid

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