Slaid Cleaves

I also have a photo from the spencer magnet that has a us army corps of engineers officer pressing the button that would bury Van Buren. This photo was taken i think in 1983. I also have a copy of an article where farmer J C hawkins is standing. He had 118 acres to be covered over by the lake. Where he is standing in the picture id now underwater. The article is titled: Van Buren sadly awaits the day it will be the bottom of a new lake . . . The article reads:
VAN BUREN, KY- peaceful stretches of rich bottomland along the Salt River. Edward Stevens looked across his "backyard" at the the murky salt and a large expanse of tobacco yielding soil. "I've been around here for a lifetime" he said with a hint of stubborness in his voice. "And I LIKE it here". This is only a small portion of the article.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 07/12/2017

Heartbreaking. Again, I thought they quit flooding towns in the '60s. But I guess not.

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