Slaid Cleaves

Said you big old puss!! Get up here to South Dakota and entertain the folks who relate to your music, not those yuppies on the east coast. I'm going to buy your new album and I expect the 18 cents you make from it after everyone gets their cut to go towards your plane ticket up here. Every breakfast is a breakfast in hell up here but don't let it deter you from playing in a place that will truly appreciate your song writing.

Aberdeen, SD

Slaid Cleaves responded on 07/28/2017

Appreciate your enthusiasm, Hoss. How bout I drive the 1200 to Minneapolis (where there's an actual gig) and you do the 300 from Aberdeen? C'mon, it's only 5 hours. I've done that four times this week.

St. Louis, Dayton, Pittsburgh, Stanhope NJ, NYC, Beacon NY, Damariscotta ME (this week).

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