Slaid Cleaves

Dear Slaid,
While traveling through Scandinavia some years ago, I was snacking on a bowl of what I thought were potato chips; upon closer examination, they turned out to be entire small flat fish, deep fried, heads, bones, eyes and all.
My question is: Is this what they serve backstage at your gigs in Nordic regions, and wouldn't you rather have a delicious Idaho baked potato, right before (or after) you play a gig to an incredibly appreciative audience in Boise, Idaho?
Please consider adding us to your schedule. We would love to see/hear you play here.
Enjoy your tour and thanks for all that you do. --Steve Baker

Slaid Cleaves responded on 08/29/2017

Mmm. Fried fish heads. I like taters, too. That's an awfully nice invite. Problem is, I don't know of a venue that would hire me to come to Boise and play for you and 99 or your closest friends. If you know of one, let Karen know, as she's starting to put together a western tour for 2018:

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