Slaid Cleaves

Hey Slaid! No question here, just listened to all of your albums from first to last and wanted to say thank you. You are one of only a handful of artists who consistently writes music that touches the soul and expresses what it means to be a working man, common man, thinking man in this country. You have added so much to American music.
I have seen you several times when you were on the west coast... always wonderful shows. Your ability to connect with your audience is unsurpassed. I have seen hundreds of live shows and the only artist that would be your equal in an intimate venue was the late B.B. King.

Thank you so much.

Adam in Seattle

Slaid Cleaves responded on 09/12/2017

Wow, Adam, you may be the first (only) to have tackled that task. Thanks so much for writing. I appreciate the kind words.


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