Slaid Cleaves

Howdy from a Texan living in England! My English wife actually introduced me to your music after she met you when you played at a small venue in Ongar in Essex a couple of years ago shortly before we got married. I ended up learning Texas Love Song on the guitar and played it as she walked down the aisle, so thank you for that! We're coming to see you for the late show at the Slaughtered Lamb this Friday and then again at the Hitchin Folk Club on Oct. 8. Any chance of hearing that song live on one of those nights? And maybe a shout out to my wife Rachel? I do actually love her more than I love Texas! Looking forward to the shows.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 09/28/2017

Hey Greg, That's a great story. I'll make a note to play TLS for Rachel at the late show in London. Now if I can just remember to bring the note to the gig . . .

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