Slaid Cleaves

Heya Slaid,

Flying in from Hong Kong today and am on the waiting list for your show tomorrow in Portland. Hoping the chips fall in my favor and I make it in to see the show; Wondered if I might put in a request - would love to hear Texas Love Song, a delightful ode to my home state. But even if I don’t get in, I hope you’ll play it so all the good Mainers can be exposed to (or perhaps reminded of) some of Texas’ finer wonders.

Much love,

Tom Cecil
Corpus Christi, TX

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/17/2017

Hi Tom,

I thought I was pretty tough, flying in from Amsterdam yesterday, but Hong Kong - damn. Sorry I can't help with tix, fingers crossed on the waiting list. Will definitely do Texas Love Song though.


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