Slaid Cleaves

I saw you last night at Passim's in Harvard Square, also saw you at Stone Mpountain this past summer. I've been binge listening to all of your cd's since. Absolutely love Sinner's Prayer on Wishbone. So appropriate to our time today in this age of excess. Would love to see you re-release this as a single. Bet it would be a hit! You have an amazing ability to capture the "heartbreak of life".

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/21/2017

Thank you Giovannina (what a lovely name). I often wish some of my songs could get another chance to be heard. I love that track, too. In fact, I have an instrumental only version of it - it sounds good even without the words, thanks to great playing by Charles Arthur, Rick Richards, Gurf Morlix, and the late Ian McLagan.

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