Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid. It was great seeing you at Club Passim the other night. Thanks again for playing my second-choice special request - Brother's Keeper. Great song. I especially love the use of the past tense "slew" in the chorus - not a word heard often in contemporary music. Also, despite the reference to fratricide, nobody ends up dead, no one's body is twisting in the wind or sprawled on a race track lifeless as a doll. And certainly no one gets simultaneously drowned and crushed under a log jam! In other words, it's one of your more light hearted songs.

Brian and I are loving the new album!

See you next time you're in Boston.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/22/2017

Oh Donna, so good to see you. I have a vivid memory of drinking Jamesons with you at Jurys Hotel in Cork in 1986, discussing my prospects in the music industry. You were encouraging and realistic. Who'da thunk I'd rise to this level of relative obscurity? And you are right: Brother's Keeper is merely aspirationally fratricidal. Best to you and Brian,

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