Slaid Cleaves

Hello from Phoenix. I hope you will play here soon, maybe a gig at the Musical Instrument Museum. Anyhow, do you still sing Jenny's Alright, and was that based on anyone? It also seems you capo for Broke Down and other songs on the second fret but in concert recordings I don't hear you tune down the low E. Are you using a partial capo that opens up the low E string only? My friend Harvey Reid from York Maine uses all sorts of those capo configurations. Thanks. Matthew

Slaid Cleaves responded on 11/21/2017

Hey, that's a least three questions!

We are trying to get a gig in Phoenix, either at Mim or at Valley Bar in February, but neither is looking good at this point. It's been a couple years since I played "Jennie's All Right." I wrote the song with Rod Picott, and we each had a different person in mind while writing that one. On several songs on the Broke Down album, my guitar is tuned 1/2 step flat. I don't detune my guitar at shows. But I do use a partial capo on a handful of songs, including Broke Down and Drinkin' Days. Say Hey to Harvey Reid for me,

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